At Suncoast Waldorf

At Suncoast Waldorf School we understand that the fulfillment of your child’s educational needs does not come from a textbook, but from the heart of the teacher whose love and knowledge of your child and of the lessons she is teaching inspire and instill a lifelong love of learning in her students.

In Waldorf education children are immersed in an environment rich in imagination, hands-on learning, and individualized attention. Suncoast Waldorf School is about breadth and depth and balance, cooperation in place of competition, a zest for learning over the passing of a test, and the meeting of individual needs over standardization.

School can and should be a wondrous journey, and at Suncoast Waldorf School it is. Our children deserve nothing less.

“Receive the children with reverence. Educate them with love. Send them forth in freedom.” -Rudolf Steiner


Preserving Childhood

In our stepped-up, hurried, often frenzied world we are taking a toll on childhood.  Like a tender little plant in the garden, the young child needs time to grow and develop at its own natural pace.  Instead, the… Read More

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Typical Day

The morning sun is filtering through the oaks as children are dropped off for school at eight o’clock, relishing a few minutes of running around before the hand bell is rung.  The kindergarten children are being walked up… Read More

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We value the role of parents at Suncoast Waldorf School and view them as partners in the education of their children.  Working together, we determine what is best for each individual child from an academic, social, physical and… Read More

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